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Will you help Serkalem Addis free her husband jailed in Ethiopia?

Eskinder Nega has been sentenced to 18 years in prison for telling the truth. Will you help us to secure his release and return him to his family? As a Facebook fan we know free speech is important to you. By making a donation today you will support our campaign to get Eskinder home to [...]

CPJ: Eritrea, Ethiopia, Egypt Among Worst Journalist Jailers

Marthe van der Wolf December 18, 2013 ADDIS ABABA — The New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists says Eritrea, Ethiopia and Egypt have the highest number of imprisoned journalists on the African continent. The three countries are also on the worldwide top-ten list of worst journalist jailers. A new survey released Wednesday by the Committee to Protect Journalists [...]

Ethiopia ranked bottom on the 2013 Web Index

In its Web Index report released last week, the World Wide Web Consortium ranked Ethiopia 80th out of the 81 countries it covered. The ranking reaffirms ‘hélas‘ the widespread Cyber Censorship and Surveillance in Ethiopia, corroborates that with regards to ‘Internet freedom’, Ethiopia is the one of the most repressive countries in the World as recently [...]

Warka ዋርካ
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The then-TPLF-dominated regime in Ethiopia was the first in sub-Saharan Africa to actively engage in political censorship of the Internet .

Since May 2006, the most popular Ethiopian web sites (including CyberEthiopia) and several blogs have been blocked across the nation. The apparent objective was to prevent the dissemination of information that is critical of the regime.

Following the political protests which have swept the nation since November 2015, the regime has routinely shutdown the Internet and restricted access to Social Media (including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Viber) and indicated its keenness to control Social Media.

On 22nd June 2018, the new Prime Minister Dr Abye Ahmed's government reported that it had unblocked 264 websites including after 12 years of blockage as attested by the OONI’s thorough verifications of our website’s unblocking .

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