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Misplaced opposition to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

By Minga Negash, Seid Hassan and Mammo Muchie April 30, 2014 – The 1929 Nile water allocation agreement that was signed by Egypt and the United Kingdom (which excluded Ethiopia and nearly all other upper basin countries) allocated 48 billion (65%) cubic meters of water per year to Egypt and 4 billion to the Sudan. [...]

Ethiopian bloggers allege being beaten in detention

Addis Ababa (AFP) – Three Ethiopian bloggers appeared in court Thursday with two alleging they had been beaten while in detention, a case that has been condemned internationally as an assault on press freedom. The three are part of a group of nine bloggers and journalists accused by police of “serious crimes”, with the other [...]

Switzerland refuses to extradite Haile Medhin Abera, the Ethiopian Co-Pilot who hijacked his plane

His asylum application will normally be assessed at the end of the prison sentence. For Haile Medhin Abera (HA) , this is good news. The Ethiopian co-pilot who hijacked his aircraft and landed in Geneva last February will not be returned to his country. Ethiopian media reports that Switzerland has rejected the extradition request from Ethiopia. Information that [...]

Abebe Gellaw did it again! He interrupted Obama, shouting, “Freedom for Ethiopia!” – Obama agrees …

San Jose, California–U.S. President Barack Obama has agreed with journalist Abebe Gellaw’s demand to support freedom in Ethiopia and help free bloggers, journalists and political prisoners jailed by the tyrannical regime. While Obama was wrapping up his speech last night at a glitzy Democratic National Committee reception in San Jose’s Fairmont Hotel, journalist and activist [...]

Ethiopia: UN Review Should Condemn Crackdown

(Geneva) – United Nations member countries should call on Ethiopia to stop targeting activists and the media under draconian laws. The UN Human Rights Council will review Ethiopia’s human rights record under the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) procedure on May 6, 2014. A Human Rights Watch submission to the UN on Ethiopia highlights its ongoing suppression of the media [...]

Advocates Ask African Commission, UN Experts to Intervene in Zone 9 Bloggers Case

Seven international press freedom and human rights organisations, led by the Media Legal Defence Initiative, have called on experts at the African Commission and the United Nations to address the arbitrary arrest and detention of nine Ethiopian bloggers, journalists and human rights defenders. Befekadu Hailu, Atnaf Berahane, Natnael Feleke, Mahlet Fantahun, Zelalem Kibret, and Abel Wabela are members of a group known as “Zone9”, [...]

Ethiopia protest: Ambo students killed in Oromia state

At least nine students have died during days of protests in Ethiopia’s Oromia state, the government has said. However, a witness told the BBC that 47 were killed by the security forces. She said the protests in Ambo, 125km (80 miles) west of Addis Ababa began last Friday over plans to expand the capital into [...]

Misplaced opposition to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

In a comprehensive analysis, three renown ethiopian professors Minga Negash, Seid Hassan and Mammo Muchie explain why Egypt’s opposition to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) is indeed misplaced. Read full paper entitled: Misplaced-opposition-to-the-Grand-Ethiopian-Renaissance-Dam  Minga Negash is a Professor of Accounting at the Metropolitan State University of Denver Colorado and at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg [...]

#BBCtrending: Jailed bloggers spark Ethiopia trend

Just when US Secretary of State John Kerry visits Ethiopia, six of the nation’s leading bloggers have been arrested. On Friday afternoon at 5pm Addis Ababa time, the mobile phones and inboxes of nine Ethiopian bloggers began to beep and vibrate with frantic messages. One of the members of social media activist group Zone 9 [...]

United Nations condemns crackdown on journalists, increasing restrictions on freedom of expression

GENEVA (2 May 2014) – UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay on Friday expressed concerns about the increasing restrictions placed on freedom of opinion and expression in Ethiopia, following the recent arrest and detention of six bloggers and three journalists. “I am deeply concerned by this recent wave of arrests and the increasing [...]

Warka ዋርካ
the Pioneering Ethiopian Discussion
Forum in Amharic

The then-TPLF-dominated regime in Ethiopia was the first in sub-Saharan Africa to actively engage in political censorship of the Internet .

Since May 2006, the most popular Ethiopian web sites (including CyberEthiopia) and several blogs have been blocked across the nation. The apparent objective was to prevent the dissemination of information that is critical of the regime.

Following the political protests which have swept the nation since November 2015, the regime has routinely shutdown the Internet and restricted access to Social Media (including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Viber) and indicated its keenness to control Social Media.

On 22nd June 2018, the new Prime Minister Dr Abye Ahmed's government reported that it had unblocked 264 websites including after 12 years of blockage as attested by the OONI’s thorough verifications of our website’s unblocking .

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