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ሁላችንም ፍራንክፈርት ደረስንና የኮቴ አስከፈሉን

ምሥጢረ ኃይለ ሥላሴ – ዙሪክ/ስዊዘርላንድ በአውሮፓ የኢትዮጵያውያን የባሕልና የስፖርት ፌደሬሽን  አስተባባሪነት ለ13ኛ ጊዜ ያዘጋጀው የእግር ኳስ ውድድር እ.አ.አ. ከሐምሌ 15-18 በፍራንክፈርት ከተማ ተካሂዷል።  በ1ኛ ዲቪዚዮን 18 ቡድኖች፣ በ2ተኛ ዲቪዚዮን  12 ቡድኖች ተመድበው፣ በወጣቶችም ከ7-10 እና ከ11-14 ዕድሜ ክልል ውስጥ ባሉ ወጣቶች መካከል በተደረገ ፉክክር አሸናፊዎቹ የተዘጋጀላቸውን ሽልማት ተቀብለዋል። በዚህም መሠረት ከ1ኛ ዲቪዚዮን እንደ አምናው ኢትዮ [...]

What it took for Ethiopia to lose access to hacking tools it used against journalists in the U.S.

Now we know what it takes to get your hacking tools taken away if you’re a repressive government. It’s not enough to get caught spying on U.S.-based journalists — or even to have the story plastered on the front page of a major U.S. newspaper. But if you get caught doing it again because of [...]

Journalist Reeyot Alemu released – ርዕዮት ዓለሙ የአመክሮ ጊዜዋ ተጠናቆ ከእስር ተለቀቀች

ርዕዮት ዓለሙ የአመክሮ ጊዜዋ ተጠናቆ ከእስር ተለቀቀች በሽብር ወንጀል ተፈርዶባት በይግባኝ በአምስት ዓመት ፅኑ እስራት ተቀጥታ በማረሚያ የነበረችው ጋዜጠኛ ርዕዮት ዓለሙ ትናንት የአመክሮ ጊዜዋ ተጠናቆ ከእስር ተለቀቀች። በይግባኝ ባደረገችው ክርክር የፌደራል ጠቅላይ ፍርድ ቤት የጋዜጠኝነት ሙዋየዋን በመጠቀም የሽብር ቡድንን ደግፋለች በሚል ወንጀል ብቻ ጥፋተኛ ናት በማለት የ14 ዓመቱን ቅጣት ወደ 5 ዓመት ዝቅ አድርጎት እንደነበር [...]

Ethiopia releases detained bloggers and journalists

Five imprisoned Ethiopian bloggers and journalists have been released in Addis Ababa, after government prosecutors dropped the charges against them, Al Jazeera has learned. The bloggers and journalists, who have been in prison for over a year, were released on Wednesday, but at least four others remain in jail. An Ethiopian news website reported that [...]

ሁሉም መንገድ ፍራንክፈርት ያደርሳል!

ምሥጢረ  ኃይለ ሥላሴ (Click here for the pdf version) የአውርፓ የባህልና የስፖርት ፌደሬሽን የሚያዘጋጀውና በናፍቆት የሚጠበቀው 13ኛው የእግር ኳስ ውድድር እ.አ.አ. ከጁላይ 15-18 በፍራንክፈርት/ጀርመን ይደረጋል። ውድድሩ በዚህ መልኩ በፌደሬሽን ታቅፎ ሲዘጋጅ 13 ዓመታት ይቆጠሩ እንጂ ቀደም ብሎ በተወሰኑ ከተማዎችና አነስተኛ ቁጥር ባላቸው ቡድኖች  መካከል በየሀገሩ በተለይም ጀርመን፣ ሆላንድና እንግሊዝም ይደረግ እንደነበር ይታወሳል። ከቅርብ ጊዜ ጀምሮ [...]

Warka ዋርካ
the Pioneering Ethiopian Discussion
Forum in Amharic

The then-TPLF-dominated regime in Ethiopia was the first in sub-Saharan Africa to actively engage in political censorship of the Internet .

Since May 2006, the most popular Ethiopian web sites (including CyberEthiopia) and several blogs have been blocked across the nation. The apparent objective was to prevent the dissemination of information that is critical of the regime.

Following the political protests which have swept the nation since November 2015, the regime has routinely shutdown the Internet and restricted access to Social Media (including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Viber) and indicated its keenness to control Social Media.

On 22nd June 2018, the new Prime Minister Dr Abye Ahmed's government reported that it had unblocked 264 websites including after 12 years of blockage as attested by the OONI’s thorough verifications of our website’s unblocking .

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