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New Media Law, New Threat to Press Freedom
Written by Inter Press Service   
Wednesday, 09 July 2008

Ethiopian NewspapersNAIROBI, Jul 8 (IPS) - A new media law -- six years in the making -- has been passed by Ethiopia's House of People's Representatives. Its preamble declares that "the proclamation removes all obstacles that were impediments to the operation of the media in Ethiopia." But an analysis by Ethiopian journalists finds it actually clears the way for government to continue to harass and persecute the messenger when the message is not in line with the whims of the rulers.

The 'Mass Media and Freedom of Information Proclamation', which purports to update and reform the first ever Ethiopian press law of 1992, has been a source of controversy ever since its initiation in 2002.

The new law fits into a pattern of official persecution of journalists seen over the last three years. Soon after controversial 2005 elections, three newspapers and magazines belonging to the country's largest private publisher, Serkalem Publishing House, were closed down as part of a widespread crackdown on media that dared to criticise the handling of the poll. Serkalem Fasil and her family were imprisoned for over a year.

Ten other independent publications were also forced to shut down, leaving hundreds of journalists unemployed.

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Ethiopian War Hero General Legesse Tefera honored
Written by The Organizing Committee   
Tuesday, 08 July 2008

Ethiopian War Hero General Legesse Tefera honored Thousands of Ethiopians have descended on Washington DC for an annual Ethiopian Soccer Tournament organized by ESFNA.  The entire week greater Washington has been buzzing with scores of events and activities organized by various groups for social, political and cultural purposes.  On Wednesday the 2nd of July, 2008 around 8:30 pm, a unique occasion was unfolding in a more dignified and magnificent way. 

The occasion was aimed at honoring an extraordinary Ethiopian war hero of the modern era.  Several hundred Ethiopians have over packed the hall of Trinity Church located at 6000 Georgia Ave, NW Washington DC. They were anxiously waiting for the arrival of General Legesse Teferra, the honoree of the special event, one of the most outstanding war heroes of Ethiopia and recipient of the highest order of Medal for heroism, (Ye Hibretsebawit Ethiopia Woder Yelelew Jegna). 

Economic Growth & Misery, Ethiopia’s paradox
Written by Ephrem Madebo   
Friday, 23 May 2008

enset The World Bank has been in Ethiopia since 1945 with a primary objective of tackling poverty bad-governance. In Ethiopia, and in many other developing countries, the World Bank supports governments in the development and implementation of programs geared towards accelerated pro-poor growth.

Despite its constant pumping of capital, for the last 63 years, the World Bank could not shield Ethiopia from being the symbol of poverty and bad-governance in the world, i.e. the World Bank did not meet its dual objective in Ethiopia for 63 years. What went wrong?  Read full article.

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