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United States Department of State 2007 Country Report on Human Rights Practices in Ethiopia Print E-mail
Written by Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor   
Thursday, 08 May 2008

US Department of StateThe 2007 country report of the US Department of State released in March 2008 by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor exposes the continuing abuses of Human Rights by the regime of Meles Zenawi.

Human rights abuses reported during the year included: limitation on citizens' right to change their government during the most recent elections; unlawful killings, and beating, abuse, and mistreatment of detainees and opposition supporters by security forces; poor prison conditions; arbitrary arrest and detention, particularly of those suspected of sympathizing with or being members of the opposition or insurgent groups;

The government restricted access to the Internet and blocked opposition Web sites several news blogs and sites run by opposition diaspora groups, such as the Ethiopian Review,, Quatero Amharic Magazine, Tensae Ethiopia, and the Ethiopian Media Forum.

Mobile telephone text messaging, which was blocked by the state telecommunications monopoly following claims that the CUD (the largest opposition party) had used text messaging to coordinate antigovernment actions, restarted on September 12.

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ወደ ዋርካ ይግቡ

Unique and independent web forum in the ethiopian alphabet


Cyber Posta bEt
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Searchable collection of Ethiopian Web sites organized by subject.

First Prize of 2005 AISI Award

First Prize of the African Information Society Initiative - 2005
CyberEthiopia was awarded the First Prize of the 2005 Africa Information Society Media Awards (AISI) introduced in 2003 to encourage more informed coverage of the Information Society and the Information Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D).

Political Internet Censorship

Political Internet Filtering in Ethiopia
Ethiopia is the only country in sub-Saharan Africa to actively engage in political censorship of the Internet. Since May 2006, the top five most popular Ethiopian web sites (including CyberEthiopia) and several blogs have been blocked across the nation. The apparent objective is to prevent the dissemination of information that is critical of the regime.
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