Ethio – Europe Football Festival 2013 in Geneva, Switzerland

EthioSwissFestivalThe Ethiopian Sports and Culture Federation in Switzerland has been actively preparing the 11th Ethiopians in Europe Sport and Culture Festival 2013 to be held in Nyon, near Geneva, Switzerland from the 17th to the 20th July 2013.

The festival which will bring together 20 football teams from all over Europe offers a unique occasion for thousands of Ethiopians world wide to celebrate and taste the ‘feeling of Ethiopianism’.

The  Ethiopian Sports and Culture Federation in Switzerland ‘s web site lists provides useful information about the event including venue maps, team profiles,  hotel accommodations as well as details on the concerts and entertainments.

Renowned singer Teddy Afro will be performing on the closing night.

Book your calendars! It is from the 17th to the 20th July 2013 near Geneva, Switzerland. For further information, check out watch the video below.